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About AllTek

AllTek Staffing and Resource Group, Inc. places professionals in engineering disciplines that support a wide range of manufacturing and construction industries in western Pennsylvania.

AllTek Staffing and Resource Group, Inc. takes a unique approach in partnering with our Clients to understand their needs from both a technical and cultural fit and then adjusting our internal resources to best achieve our mutual goals of placing the finest technical personnel on a contract and permanent basis.

Hot Jobs

Project Manager

Reports to the Senior Engineering Manager. Responsible for developing, implementing, and managing capital projects. Develops and adheres to project budgets and schedules. This position will provide te...

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Process Engineer

Provide technical support to gas processing and treating plant operations as well as new capital projects. This will include process simulation/modeling of plants and gas-liquid streams, equipment s...

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Facilities Construction Coordinator

This position is responsible for all facets of station and facilities construction activities and related field development within Midstream Operations. Aided by support functions within the Mi...

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Midstream Engineer

Position Summary (located in West Virginia)   Person is responsible for supervising the engineering aspects of Marcellus Shale natural gas processing and compression projects. Recipient will ...

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Project Engineer

Position Summary The Project Engineer will be primarily responsible for designing, developing, analyzing and managing complex pipeline and compression projects in the Cranberry Twp, PA area. The ...

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Safety Specialist

Job Description: The Safety Specialist will be the primary contact between the company’s safety department and contractors working on our locations   Responsibilities: ·   ...

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Midstream Engineer

Person is responsible for supervising the engineering aspects of Marcellus Shale natural gas processing and compression projects. Recipient will support equipment operation and maintenance of sites ...

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AllTek Testimonials

I want you to know that you are, by far, the best recruiters in the area. The insight I receive from you during the search for candidates is unrivaled. In this business compliments are rare, so I thought I would send you one to reassure you that you’re doing it right.



AllTek Statistics

Staffing Service Placement at an All-Time High

Temporary and contract staffing services create more opportunity than ever and are on a steady upward increase, with sales jumping 6.6% to $104.8 Billion in 2012.

When You're In, You're In

In 2012, Employment Turnover Decreased to 294% for employees being sourced from a staffing agency. Staffing services are providing job security like never before.

What Recession?

During a recession, companies look to staffing agencies more! Opportunities through staffing agencies have grown 32% since 2009.

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